Saturday, June 5, 2010


I can comprehend what I desire.
Too well, I know what I want.
Opinions in ink, I cannot then acquire
What I want.

I had my trophy. I had my peak.
We were too safe and too distant.
He let his integrity leak
And I grew weak.

***To be continued***

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pondering the Equality & Bias of Human Sight

"Pondering the Equality & Bias of Human Sight" (2009)

I do not see what others see.
I wish I understood, I wish I could.
I did see at one brief time.

What three years can do.
I'm not complaining; just confused.
Maybe mirrors are negative but not negatives. 

If what I see is what they see, then its not that bad-- 
I don't protest that.
One day soon I'll rest with this. 

So much to await before it gets late.
I have seen what others see. 
I'll see it again, like it never went.


"Insomnia" (2008)

Awake. I stare. I lay. Think.
The minutes tick. So short and empty.
I wonder. Awake. I twitch. Drink.
I hold his pillow, floral and lumpy.

Hours before, this room was lively.
Laugh. I visit. I joke. Love.
Unplanned soiree; adjourned so kindly.
I clean. Recall. Undress. Turn in.

Sleep and insomnia are famous rivals.
One we are fond of; the other is cruel.
When sleep fails to visit, then I am most thoughtful.
The same thought at noon would paint me foolish.

I turn the page to continue this jot.
I long to see the other side, still.
Its tough to flow from what I've forgotten.
For a moment, I doze. But not sleep.

A list runs through my mind.
Things to do, those to call. 
I need to unwind. Checked the time.
I reach for the Tylenol PM.

Paper & Rhymes

"Paper & Rhymes" (2008)

Sometimes I second-guess myself
--Lately, more than ever.
Don't know if I veer right or left.
Time to decide forever.

I wish I cared more 
About academics and family.
I've already lived the glory.
I couldn't ask for a better leave.

I've failed at deciding, too many times.
Others succeed after half of a try.
I'm venting through writing, paper, and rhymes;
People grew tired of hearing me cry.

My mind has been changed so many marks.
The tallies of transitions lengthen.
I suppose I'm content with the consistent long.
I do not know any other way.

I'm one of the few who has not altered.
So many friends drift distant and dumb.
I've remained the same, just improved.
I've found what is real and what's love and what's done.

One Day

"One Day" 

The sun is warm upon my face.
This sentence was forced.

Contemporary Lit. class

"Contemporary Lit. Class" (2007)

I recently delivered my opinion to my paper.
Although it was it was gab and though it was sad,
I have been vivacious lately.

Begging for time to speed up for Spring.
Yet, emotionally wanting a decrease.
My life is a musical. I always sing
And seasons remain consecutive.

The greatest crush I had was for notes.
Eventually blooming into a symphony.
Knowledge expands while confidence grows.
Foul gutters line easy streets, watching.

One cannot be four-legged to stop it's fall.
Defensively growing when actually small.
She took my dreams and locked them away.

The Strangest Kind

"The Strangest Kind" (2005)

I want to forget. 
I want to forget.
I lay alone, candles lit,
Replaying, over and over, our kiss. 

It is dark again in my room.
In my room, again, it is dark.
There is rain drowning all my good.
It pours, as storms feel they should.

It is the strangest kind of love
When you long for the person you despise.
It is the strangest kind of lust
When you want the one unsettled in your mind.

How can I feel both at one time?
Both hate and love toward one.
It hurts so much, yet I want it, mine.
His lips so gentle as ours touch.

I lay alone, candles lit.
Candles lit, I lay alone.
Replaying, over and over, our kiss.
He's lost his chance, selfish lips of his.

This mess has passed, now I can breathe.
Now I can breathe, this mess has passed.
We were as strong as I believed.
Ending this wrong has made me free.

He did not know who I am.
--Not a bit, at all, who I am.
He wants any love, if that means anonymous.
I mark this moment as the end of my lust.